Some Scenes From Today’s Earth Day Celebration

Rain, never heavy, but scattered showers, put something of a damper on today’s Earth Day celebration, sponsored by the Montague Street BID. Who can blame Mother Earth for a little rain? April showers, as they say, bring May flowers. In any event, things got going as scheduled at 10:00 AM, with the Brooklyn United Marching Band marching across Montague to the Promenade, then (photo) going back, playing spirited marching music.


Kids were enjoying some games, writing boards, and hula hoops set up near the corner of Montague and Hicks.


Here’s “The Gratitude Tree,” which bore messages of gratitude for “water,” “my eyes,” “my family,” “the bees,” “my life,” “healthy food,” and “clean air.”


Your correspondent poses as a pollinator. Photo courtesy of “Love Yourself.”


These nice folks invited all to stamp on a balloon “your pledge to make earth better.”

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