Promenade “Likely” To Be Closed During BQE Re-Construction

DNAinfo reports that parts of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade might well need to be closed when re-construction of the BQE begins…whenever it will actually begin.

“We would like to keep as much of it open as we can,” Bob Collyer, the city’s chief bridge engineer, said at a Tuesday night meeting. “If we need to replace pieces of the promenade, they’ll need to be closed.”


The design for the project isn’t due until 2019, so displacement for those who enjoy the Promenade isn’t imminent, but it’s another element of the project that seems certain to disrupt the neighborhood, even if the highway isn’t completely shut down during the work.

Read the full story at DNAinfo.

(1965 photo of the Promenade by Roger W, licensed through Creative Commons)

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  • Jorale-man

    I love all of the historic photos of the promenade on the site this week. People wore their Sunday best as they went about their afternoon strolls back then. Funny that the trees didn’t look much smaller in 1965.

  • Bongo

    Well, that’s one way of addressing the PierHouse spoilt view issue

  • Mark

    They could paint the area blocked by PierHouse on the side of the building–that 1965 photo at the top of this page would work.

    Another benefit of BQE work is that it probably means there’s no rush on the suspension foot bridge…

  • BananaTuesday

    I’m sure rental prices in the Heights will suffer for some years (in some parts), but does multi-year construction work like this have much of an impact on sales or home value?

    Asking because I haven’t lived through a period like this in…I guess any neighborhood.

  • JS-1

    This is another royal mess/s*#%= storm to deal with which was well known to be developing for YEARS. And nothing was done by the brilliant community leadership. Uh, where are the thousands of vehicles going to go? Hey, even if they don’t all go through the Heights, they have to be dumped on someone’s doorstep…wonderful city management….

  • Reggie

    You should have been at the meeting. Deputy Commissioner Collyer addressed that. There was in fact effective community leadership and thoughtful city management on display at the town hall.