Brooklyn Women’s Exchange Holiday Preview Party This Thursday

The Brooklyn Women’s Exchange, 55 Pierrepont Street, will hold its annual Holiday Preview Party this Thursday evening, November 3, from 5:00 to 7:30.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner! Come to the Exchange on Thursday, November 3rd to get yourself in the spirit! The lights will be up, the tree will be trimmed, and our annual offering of handmade ornaments, decorations, and greeting cards will be on display.

The Exchange offers many other craft-made clothes, jewelry, toys, jams, candies, candles, and tchatchkes, as well as books, that make ideal Christmas, Chanukah, or Festivus gifts.

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    How this business has ‘stayed’ in business is beyond me. Always horribly over-priced and over- pompous.

  • Concerned

    You must be kidding. This is more of an institution versus a business. The women’s exchange has fantastic custom made and hard to find items that are well worth the price. You sound like someone without any class or any idea or respect for history. I’d tell you to go home, but my guess is that you’ve been in your parents’ basement for awhile.



  • Brooklyngal


    The Brooklyn Women’s Exchange is a volunteer runner, not-for-profit that has existed for over 160 years with a strong tradition of supporting hand craft artisans; it is not a business but a fabric of Brooklyn Heights. There are many items in every price range and there are many custom and unique items that may seem “expensive” but given the fact that they are handmade and of high quality, most people understand the cost behind the product.

    I will agree that it is amazing that the BWE has stayed “in business” for so long since so many other exchanges around the country cannot afford to keep their doors open. Brooklyn Heights is lucky to be home to the oldest Exchange in the Federation.

    While the shopping experience at the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange is not for everybody, they welcome anybody to come in and enjoy the shop.


    Stick to that, anyway….