LinkNYC Kiosks Coming to Brooklyn Heights

Wi-fi communication kiosks–which earlier this year gained notoriety as hubs for porn watching–are coming to the neighborhood.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported last week that 13 sites in Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn are currently under review for kiosk placement, and a Community Board meeting on Oct. 18 was held to discuss the matter.

The Brooklyn Heights sites under consideration are Henry Street near Orange and Cadman Plaza West between Clark and Montague.

Get the full story–including LinkNYC’s response to potential privacy concerns–at the Eagle.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s the map, showing the locations at top left, in the Heights, on Henry Street and on Cadman Plaza West:

  • badidea

    Bad news – nothing but magnets for the homeless. More useless BS from the DeBlasio admin.

  • KXrVrii1

    Alamo draft house and group public porn streaming sites in the same week… What a time to be alive!

    That said, there were definitely times travelling abroad where I would have appreciated public wi-fi to do some more data intensive stuff without maxing out my crappy roaming plan.

    And maybe that Cadman library lady will be happy there is still some public wifi near the old library?

  • redlola

    he really needs to go asap.

  • Jorale-man

    Who watches porn in public? Very strange. That aside, it seems like it should be a good amenity.

  • Heights Observer

    Homeless people who don’t otherwise have wifi access watch porn in public. The city had to disable porn sites on these kiosks in Manhattan because the homeless were doing exactly that. I saw things that were really gross.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I don’t understand, do the kiosks provide wifi or do they actually house computers with internet browsers?

  • SongBirdNYC

    There are tablets on the kiosks. the browsing function was disabled to prevent loitering and “lewd acts.”

  • Teresa

    I didn’t include that map because I didn’t have permission from LinkNYC to do so. I contacted the company for images, and this was not among them, so perhaps it’s best removed.