Taze reopens Wednesday!


BHB/Sarah Portlock

Signs went up today at Taze, announcing its return to Montague Street after a devastating fire last year.

The Turkish restaurant, at 142 Montague St., will reopen on April 1 and offer a free glass of wine or selected drink for patrons.

The building has caught on fire twice in the last year — first, a fire in March and then, in September another fire forced Taze to close for renovations. Aerosoles, which is in the ground floor space, recently reopened as well.

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  • travy

    don’t taze me yo

  • Eddy

    Maybe they’ll have a better fire next time…

  • Topham Beauclerk

    No, GU, Taze is not a very good restaurant but it does some dishes quite well enough. Remember, our standards for a Montague St restaurant mustn’t be too high. The service is agreeable and the little outdoor terrace has its charms.

  • yo

    i know what would work…maybe they could hire some people to stand outside the restaurant and harass you in an attempt to get you to come in…it’s too good not to work!!!

  • Eddy

    Yeah, Why should we lower our standards… just because there are only mediocre restaurants on Montague St… I say, tell it like it is and not patronize places that don’t meet our expectations… Perhaps then we’ll see some improvement…
    For the record the last time I had some take-out from Taze; it was so lousy I swore never to return…

  • heightsdiho

    I know I’m looking way back, but I do miss Leaf & Bean. Sigh.

  • joe

    I think Taze gave up the whole pimp luring thing or did I imagine that because they were closed for so long. The first couple of times it was interesting especially since the women were rather comely but interesting turns to annoying pretty fast. I would cross to the other side of the street to avoid them as I do to anyone with a clipboard with a big smile on their face. Those smiles are not free my friends.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Eddy asks why should we lower our standards? Why indeed. But if we didn’t lower our standards, none of us would ever eat on Montague St and for some of us that prospect is too grim. I think we’re all agreed that there’s not a single first-rate restaurant on Montague St but many, that’ll do. My picks happen to be Theresa’s, Heights Cafe, Lantern, Tenda, Migita, Amin, Buon Gusto, and, yes, Taze.

  • my2cents

    Five Guys is first rate in my book.