UPDATED: Bailey’s Home! Bailey Lost in Brooklyn Heights

Update: the good folks at BHVH posted on their Facebook page this morning that Bailey is home.

Our friends at Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital alerted us on Facebook this morning to this missing dog, who got off her leash this morning. More details if they become available…




Please call 917 656 4074 if you’ve seen her or have any information.


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  • Maggie

    According to the facebook post Bailey may have been seen in Red Hook or running towards the Columbia Street Waterfront area.

  • Sally

    Is there a central place for missing cats and dogs? I had a black and white cat in my back yard last night calling to my cats through the window.

  • Teresa

    Hi, Sally. I don’t know of any central place for posting lost/found animals, but I post as many here as I hear about, and usually people put up signs if a pet goes missing. There are some community cats in the neighborhood, so it’s possible that this is one of them. Were able to see if s/he is ear-tipped?

  • Sally

    It seems like it might be the sort-of thing that would benefit from a central database…facebook for cats? I had to go outside to turn my lights on, so I only got a quick glimpse at the cat darted away.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I think it’s a good idea. Maybe reach out to Rover.com and see if they’d host an initiative? I noticed they’re advertising in the subway now.