UPDATE: Estella got in touch to say that Leo had made his way to one of the nearby buildings being renovated and gotten himself behind a wall on the elevator. Estella was able to get to him and he’s now back home, safe and sound.


Leo, the resident feline at James Weir Florist at 155 Montague Street, has gone missing.

He hasn’t been seen since Sunday, October 2, and his rescuer, Estella Johannsen, is distraught. She rescued Leo and his feline shopmate when they were kittens, and she adores them.

It’s possible–though so distressing to consider–that someone took him, but we’re hoping that he went out the back door and is out among the backyards between Montague and Pierrepont.

Cats that escape tend not to travel too far from their homes, and they often try to find nearby shelter by crawling into a window or a basement, or hiding underneath whatever sort of shelter they can find.

If you see a cat that fits the description, please let Estella know right away or post here. You can contact Estella at 718 624 0270 or 917 705 7358.

She is offering a reward.


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  • Vanessa Gutierrez

    We Found Leo!!!!!

  • gc

    Excellent news!!!


    That’s great. Now you should worry about your employee (white man with dreadlocks) spouting anti-Jewish banking conspiracy theories right outside your shop. It’s a blight on your business that’s hard to forget.

  • Reggie

    Really? That is a shopkeeper’s responsibility? Or are you at a loss for whomever else might … might what?


    Assuring that her employees appropriately reflect her business – NOT loudly proclaiming racist conspiracy theories on the premises while on the clock? Of course that’s the shopkeeper’s responsibility!!