Daily News Tells Story Behind Iconic Shot of Ladder 118 Truck on the Bridge to WTC

The Daily News interviewed the man who shot the iconic photograph of the Ladder 118 firetruck on the Brooklyn Bridge, rushing toward the burning towers seen in the background, on that horrific day 15 years ago. (Photo in link to article here.)

Aaron McClamb, a 20 year-old amateur photographer, was printing bibles at the Jehovah’s Witness watchtower when he started taking photos of the firetruck that carried our brave firefighters from Middagh St., “with no understanding that those guys wouldn’t come back.”

The heroes in that firetruck who made the ultimate sacrifice that day were Vernon Cherry, 49; Leon Smith, 48; Robert Regan, 45; Pete Vega, 36; Joey Agnello, 35; and Scott Davidson, 33.



“’They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t think there’s any word that describes that picture,’ said retired Firefighter John Sorrentino, 51, who worked out of the same firehouse as a member of Engine Co. 205. ‘To me, it represents the courage and sacrifice of all the first responders who lost their lives that day.’”

(Lead photo: 9/10/16, Mary Kim for BHB)

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  • Andrew Porter

    Wonderful post, and thanks for the link to the Daily News article and photos.

  • Elaine Rendon

    Great post! I was 8yrs old and in 3rd grade at PS8 when 9/11 happened. The firefighter I most vididly remember was Vernon Cherry. He was always smiling, singing, wishing me a good day as I would pass by with my mom every morning on my way to PS8. I nicknamed him the smiley firefighter since I never caught his name until after a few weeks after 9/11. Rest easy 118

  • Mary Kim

    Here’s another News story on firefighter Scott Davidson’s son Pete, SNL cast member, paying tribute to his dad.