About That Voting Location SNAFU

A while back, my wife and I received postcards from the Board of Elections telling us that our polling place was, at it had been for the past several elections, the Brooklyn Heights branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, at 280 Cadman Plaza West. The only problem was, the library is now closed and slated for demolition. (This doesn’t affect voting locations at all places in Brooklyn Heights. If you weren’t in the area that previously voted at the Library, you may ignore this.)

A few days ago, we received new cards from the BOE, telling us that the voting location had been changed to the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice (photo) at 283 Adams Street. As the Eagle reports, this raised a predictable (and in our view justified) storm of protest over moving the polls to a location less convenient for most voters. By dint of a little exploration, I determined that the best way to get to this location from the Heights is via Johnson Street (the school is located on the southeast corner of Adams and Johnson), which is the street that runs between the Post Office Building and the Supreme Court Building, and ends at Cadman Plaza West. You can get to the end of Johnson Street by crossing Cadman Plaza West at Pierrepont Street or points south and turning north, or from Clark Street or points north and turning south. This avoids the treacherous Adams/Tillary Street crossing.

The next election is coming soon: September 13. It’s a primary election for State Assembly, but we’re not aware of any primary challenge to Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon. We’re also not aware of any contest for a GOP challenge to her in the general election. There may also be elections for male and female district leaders in both parties, but again we are not aware of any contested positions. If we learn otherwise, we’ll let you know.

The Eagle story quotes Cadman Towers president Toba Potosky as saying he had been told by a BOE representative to whom Assembly Member Simon’s office had “put me in touch with a BOE representative who said they will consider moving the polling location after the Sept. 13 primary in time for the general election on Nov. 8.”

We’ll keep you posted on developments.

Photo: Claude Scales

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  • Justine Swartz

    Cadman Plaza Library is in excellent condition. There is no date set for its destruction. The Brooklyn Heights library is in a convenient location to accommodate the Seniors and disabled unfortunates,who have difficulty walking. Reopen the library as a polling place.