Brooklyn Heights Man is Pokemon GO Champ

According to the Daily News, a Brooklyn Heights man, Nick Johnson, 28, has caught all 142 of the pokemon available in the U.S. in the game Pokemon GO. The News story notes that Johnson has accomplished this while putting in 50 plus hours a week as platform manager for a startup company, and also while catching some of the wily critters for his girlfriend. Johnson says he can go on little sleep, at least for short periods of time. He’s caught most of his pokemon in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but had to go to Jersey City for one rare variety, and is considering, after catching up on sleep, seeing if he can find a travel company to partner with or sponsor a worldwide pokemon hunt to catch those varieties only available in other continents.

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  • Monty

    Early front-runner for Heights Resident of the Year.

  • Arch Stanton

    One of the most unimportant achievements ever.