Best Teacher in Brooklyn Heights Open Thread

Here’s a chance to let others know who you think is the best teacher in Brooklyn Heights.  Anyone teaching K -12 is eligible.  Comment away!

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  • Josh

    and let’s keep the nominations to the teachers in the schools that are open to everyone and not the ones that only money can buy

  • Homer Fink

    This thread is meant to be all inclusive. Feel free to nominate and discuss any teacher at any school. Thanks.

  • Lugarshz

    It’s hard to say… but my vote certainly goes to Paul Lockhart of Saint Ann’s. I’ve had a lot of great great teachers but his philosophy on teaching is astoundingly progressive.

    Check out his essay here. . . It’s AMAZING. (about math education in the USA)

  • anon

    Melissa Browning at PS 8. She is a stunningly talented young woman who grew up in the Heights, attended PS 8, and now teaches 3rd grade there. She introduced a math enrichment program in her class last year that has now been rollled out to all three upper grades. She runs the film club. She coordinates an environmental studies unit for the third grade that has 8-year-olds talking authoritatively about alternate and sustainable energy sources. She’s just one of those brilliant teachers who makes every child feel like a star, who engages with her kids, challenging them at both their strong and weak points. I feel so fortunate that my child had her for 3rd grade.

  • endeavorm

    Melissa Browning @ PS8 is tops, hands down.

    Can we vote for worst? I have a candidate! Please Please!

  • parentalunit

    Sam Aronson, Shawn Nacol, and Christopher Bertram at St. Ann’s. My children cannot stop talking about how much they love them and how they love their classes.

  • David

    Sebastian Bailey @ PS8 is my child’s favorite

  • lifer

    Carolyn Saffady over at P.S. 8 is amazing, 2nd grade, she goes out of her way in many aspects of teaching, and is genuinely concerned with each childs development..

  • Naber

    My kids have had the great pleasure of having both Melissa Browning and Carrie Saffady. They are both amazing, tireless and incredibly creative. They have an innate ability to bring out the best in the kids.

  • anon

    My vote is for Melissa Browning at PS 8.

  • anon

    Melissa and Carolyn at PS 8. It’s pretty close: they’re both great, but I give Melissa a slight edge. Though Carrie did teach my child to read and, more important, shared in his excitement when he figured it out!

  • Naber

    One of my favorite things about Melissa is that in her free time she volunteers and teachers kids to ice skate in a program at Prospect Park. During February break, she and a few other teachers at PS 8 (Noelle Gentile, Brandi Hayes and Angie Nelson) went to New Orleans to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. During their vacation! The school is filled with extraordinary, dedicated professionals who are teaching our kids the best values. The best part is, they don’t just preach it, they teach by example.

  • nabeguy

    Can’t speak for Ms. Douglas, although from all the comments, I’m hoping my daughter is in her class for the third grade. Carrie Saffady has been great for my daughter, both challenging and encouraging her to reach her highest potential, as she has herself in making the switch from teaching 1st grade to 2nd grade. I’d also like to mention the wonderful job that Aleah Forrest did as a new teacher last year for my daughter’s first grade class. Too bad that Claudia Vecchio is no longer in the running for this honor…she was second to none.

  • Ses

    I vote for Carolyn Saffady at PS8. This woman is completely passionate about learning and teaching. I spent a morning observing her class and was amazed at the enormous respect and curiosity she has cultivated amongst the students. I agree that Carrie sees the best in every kid — she really gets to know them — and works like crazy to build their strengths and support them where necessary. She is honest, tough and loving — and quirky, fun and edgy. And because she has an amazing rapport with the children, they absolutely love it. She participates in their world — she understands their humor, she pushes them in positive ways, and calls them on things too. The morning I spent in the class flew by! I was riveted. And our son has benefitted immeasurably from her.

  • Chris

    What about teachers that live in Brooklyn Heights but teach elsewhere?

    If that is allowed, I’d vote for myself ;)