Squadron and Millman on the fare hike

So, the MTA board voted yesterday for subway, bus and train fares to go up, on average, 23% by this summer, but there’s still time to reverse those changes if the New York State legislature pulls through and comes up with an alternate solution. What are our representatives doing up in Albany to make sure that happens? Brooklyn Heights Blog will talk with NYS Senator Daniel Squadron and NYS Assemblywoman Joan Millman today to get those questions answered.

In the meantime, Squadron’s office sent this over, per his senior advisor, John Raskin:

What is Senator Squadron doing to avoid this disastrous proposal for fare hikes and service cuts?  EVERYTHING HE POSSIBLY CAN.  It’s an uphill battle, but he is aggressively talking with his fellow legislators every day to try to find a viable solution that can get passed quickly into law.  He has made clear that he will support even an imperfect solution if it staves off the fare hikes and service cuts.

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  • Ari

    Can’t we just cut some more healthcare or education to avoid the fare hike and service cuts??? :)

  • An Angry Democrat

    So is he lying or just impotent? Or are we supposed to just accept that our Senator is trying really hard but can’t get anything done in a Senate where he is part of the majority. Didn’t we just elect him based on his promise to get things done in Albany?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    So what about brining back Congestion Pricing, which was supposed to use the money to fund public transportation? And bridge tolls? People drive to Manhattan for free to pollute my air and stall my buses in traffic, while I have to pay $2.00 on the 4.