The Barber of Clinton Street

barber.jpgThis cellphone photo shows what some may call an eyesore — the storefront of the Clinton Street Barber Shop. Is it the store sign or the blinking neon light that has some neighbors cringing? 

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  • recent arrival

    The sign is hideous and doesn’t exactly enhance the neighborhood, but I’d be willing to forgive them if they provided a decent, low-priced cut. Has anyone tried them? And if not, does anyone have a good barber recommendation in the Heights? I need a good, old-timey barbershop with skilled barbers, not some salon full of recent hair-school grads. I’ve been here for months and haven’t had a good haircut yet…


    Friend of mine tried them and He was very happy. The guy is very nice and He has very good prices, and if it takes a “hideous”, “eyesore” sign to make even a blog in internet talk about you… WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBOROOD ! My oncle use to say: it doesn’t matter if people is talking bad about you, start worring when they don’t have anything to say about you anymore…

    The guy is good. let’s giving him a chance.

  • M. Hermann

    Don’t let the remodeling fool you, the Cutting Den in the St. George Hotel arcade is still my local barbershop of choice.

    For me, it’s the ultimate New York experience — my father used to get his hair cut there, and take me a long. Now it’s where I go. Plus, the same staff — Rocky (dig the 1962 photo on the wall showing his perfectly greased pompadour), Tommy (who reminds one of a weathered Barry Gibb), and Lana (who gives a mens haircut as good as the guys) are great. Plus, you’re usually treated to a visiting array of Henry-and-Clark denizens. After one such person left, Rocky told me the guy came back from Vietnam and was jumped in Cadman Plaza, and so for over a week slept in a tent with a knife in his hand, waiting for the hoodlums to come back.

    $15 is the usual.

  • KLH

    My husband went to the new shop on Clinton Street and was very, very pleased. He had a haircut and did the old-fashioned shave with a straight razor. They were thorough and careful. Also, he found them to be very nice and pleasant. The price was definitely right! I’m happy they moved into the neighborhood.

  • Brooklyn Boy

    Does anyone know whether the propritor(s) know how the neighbors feel about the storefront? I’ve come to find out 1 time too many that while an entire neighborhood might be cricitcizing something, the beholder thinks he is chilling! Why not print out this thread & send it to him…the guy might be completely understanding on this point.

  • DMC

    you want a good haircut “recent arrival.. see Rocky in the Cutting Den @ the Clark St. subway station.You may have to wait but he is worth it !!!he works late some nites till 11 o’clock.. he is the best !!! He has cut celebrities, politicians and lots of “colorful characters” and has he got stories !!! As far as most are concerned he’s the best haircutter in the Heights..

  • Bamski

    I have no problem with the store itself. However, the sign is horrible. The sign with the picture of Rico Suave has got to go. That is a landmark neigborhood, I have no idea how such a ghetto looking sign got approved.

  • SJL

    I have to admit I was thrilled to see a new small business open up in the neighborhood. Even better that is was a barber shop – as we could use one…but i have to agree the flashing sign is a major eyesore. My guess on how he gets away with it is that it is on the inside of the shop – im not a landmark expert – but Im pretty sure they only have authority over external signage.

    As for the haircut – not bad – average service and $15..I recommend going to the owner and not his fresh out of barber school assistant.

  • evan vetere

    This sign is why we have sign ordinances in the first place. It needs to go. It affects property values as much as a Geico billboard would.

  • Clinton St

    I went and had my hair cut there and have to say its the most pleased I have been with a haircut in a long time. I have been bouncing around looking for a steady place for the last 5 years. Most likely this is where I will go every time from now on. Robert (the owner) seemed to be a nice enough guy.

    I also have to admit I have past the store front at least 30 times since it opened and never really seen the sign everyone is so upset about.

  • Heights97

    A fascinating follow-up to this thread, six months later: I noticed that they have erased the picture of “Rico Suave” from the sign!

  • joe s

    i live in the neighborhood and was so happy to have stumbled into their shop. the guys are warm and friendly (and gay friendly as well), and do a great job. Robert gives a great shave as well. In fact im heading over there now and came across this blog while searching for their phone number!

  • miki

    My friend really recommend to take my husband to this BarberShop
    and when came there guys were very warm friendly. Robert, one of the BEST barber I have ever met. He gave such a great haircut to my husband and also royal shave. However, the prices are also good and also they give discounts. I personally, recomend to go to this BARBERSHOP to check for yourself.