The Brooklyn Bugle is Twitteriffic

In just a couple of weeks, The Brooklyn Bugle has been “followed” on Twitter by  650 people and growing.   While the Bugle development team is hard at work building the site, you can keep up with headlines from Brooklyn Heights Blog and Cobble Hill Blog as well as insider updates from our staff.  Check it out now.

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  • Publius

    Look out Murdoch publications, BHB and The Bugle are gonna eat your lunch. And Homer Fink has the journalistic and editorial integrity that can’t be bought, even at your eventual high offering price.

    Right Homer? Homer?

  • Homer Fink

    Sure!! who’s with us!!!!

  • Publius

    Toga! Toga!

    Just let me have an exclusive to your offering. We’re gonna make Rupert pay dearly. All I ask for is my usual and customary 6% (half stock, half cash).