Mark Baker, Brooklyn Heights Resident, Elected Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy Chairman

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy has announced the election of Brooklyn Heights resident Mark Baker as chairman of the Conservancy’s Board of Directors. He succeeds Nancy Bowe, another Heights resident, who has served for the past five years. Baker was for some years a member of the Dewey Ballantine law firm, where he practiced corporate law but also did extensive pro bono work on behalf of parks and open space in New York City, especially on or near the waterfront. He left the firm to serve as Chief Business Officer of New York Water Taxi, which he helped to launch successfully. He is now CEO of Progenics Pharmaceuticals, a company that has been active in using biotechnology to develop drugs to fight cancer.

Baker is the longest serving of the BBPC board’s presently active members. On his election, Baker said:

Having had the pleasure as a Director of working over the years with every previous Board Chair, I know the high bar that has been set for me as I take on this assignment. In particular, the incredible work of Nancy Bowe as Chair as she guided the growth of the Conservancy over the past five years will be tough for me to match. Before Brooklyn Bridge Park could be built, we had to first build a community to support the Park. An unexpected pleasure for me over the 28 years I’ve been involved in the Park effort has been being part of this vibrant and resourceful community. I know that in my new role I’ll have to call once again on your generosity and ingenuity as we forge ahead to the finish line of completing the Park and making its programming the envy of the world.

Ms Bowe said, “I look forward to even more wonderful educational, recreational, and cultural programming in the Park as Mark leads the Conservancy’s top-notch staff, board, members, and volunteers.”

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  • Wally O’Keefe

    Throw Regina Myers out, then put her under investigation for her past deeds.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    No, three things should happen:

    1) The entire BBPC should be under investigation under the federal RICO act…..
    This should only begin with Regina, but should extend to the very suspicious
    actions of all the BBPC’s enablers, such as, on the low end, the darlings on
    CB 2. But it should quickly extend to the RE actors involved and most of all, the
    Sources of financing for BBPC. The whole gang needs to be hauled in and
    the entire body thier actions over the last ten years needs to be “reviewed” on
    a federal level.
    2) The Heights community, should put in place a enduring fund to encourage
    come-fowards in the area of corruption, including undue influence incidents,
    in the real estate community
    3). Features of the present operation which already have caused a chronic
    problem in the lowering the safety level in Brooklyn Heights should be

    Is Mark Baker going to do, or assist in any of the above? Then all you’ve got here folks is a continuation of the serious downward spiral/”reimagining” of the Heights

  • Reggie

    Whenever I read comments like these I quietly ask myself, why hasn’t this happened? Individuals prone to believing in wholesale corruption would likely point their accusatory fingers at the individuals charged with prosecution. But really, do either Preet Bharara or Ken Thompson seem particularly afraid of you they take on? The simpler answer is, although activity has occurred that many people disapprove of, no crime was committed.

  • Wally O’Keefe

    No crimes are committed, if no criminal charges are made. No charges are made because the ‘legal system’ ignores the charges, hence, crime is perpetual.

    This is especially true regarding real estate issues. Why, because politicians appoint judges, and prosecutors. And they do what they are told – to keep the their jobs and pensions.

    It is all about money, and fear. The real estate criminals are fearless, because they can fix the game in their favor. Now Hillary Clinton says she won’t re-appoint Preet Bharara, if she is elected.

    Any more questions?

  • Wally O’Keefe

    I believe that Ken Thompson is just another spoke in the crooked wheel of NY politics. His actions, or lack of them, tell the whole story. Form your own option.

  • Reggie

    As I wrote, “Individuals prone to believing in wholesale corruption would likely point their accusatory fingers at the individuals charged with prosecution.”

  • Wally O’Keefe

    Some people just stick their heads in the sand hoping. And they are always surprised when the kick comes, again.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    No, guy, when I hear comments like this, I know the reason why all this is going on are several clear as glass factors.

    1) you have an economy based country. NOT a principal or law or
    spiritual based. Economics directed by a less than visable elites.
    2).The policy formation avenues are non governmental at base.
    3) Key policy making resides in the Banking sector.
    4) The financial elites, starting with the fed and a series of off-shore
    Foreign banks, have induced, among many other evils, a classic
    tulip craze in real estate
    5) With a flood of easy financing, all manner of unsavory elements
    have come to believe that A) they have every right to be nearly
    Billionaires and almost no rules apply to them B) there will NEVER
    be any real investigative effort into their activities because their
    activities are on effect authorized on the highest levels
    6) But of most importance, the public does not take the actions which
    would prevent conditions like this.
    Like funding rewards for evidence of indictable corruption in these
    financial/RE circles.
    Like causing serious public attention on the financial sources
    which enable RE activities which disrupt so many thousands of
    family lives.
    Like demanding parity prior to any development of public safety
    services, such as police, fire, ems with the rise in caused popu-
    lation in the area. And much hightened safety standards for new
    buildings in light of today’s security concerns….