Lost Gray/White Cat on Monroe Place?

Our friends at Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition tell us that they’ve been contacted about a gray and white cat recently spotted on Monroe Place. It doesn’t seem to have a home, and the person who saw it said that she had never seen the cat in the neighborhood before.

We’d love to help get it off the street and out of this dreadful weather. One of BBAWC’s members looked for it yesterday but was unable to spot it; if you see it and can get it indoors, please contact BBAWC at brooklynbridgeanimals.com so that they can help with vetting and placement.

It takes a neighborhood…


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  • Elaine Rendon

    I actually saw this cat on Montague terrace. I couldn’t get to it because I was walking 3 dogs and I didn’t want to get close because it would run. It kept coming in and out of garabage areas.


    Web address correction: our url is BBAWC.org, or please feel free to email if the cat is spotted. BrooklynBridgeAnimals@yahoo.com