Grace Chorale Performs Bach’s Christmas Oratorio at St. Ann Sunday Afternoon

This Sunday afternoon, December 20, starting at 3:00 at St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church, Clinton and Montague streets, Grace Chorale of Brooklyn (photo) will perform J.S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248.

Bach lovers will enjoy a selection from the six cantatas of The Oratorio, composed in 1734. Although intended for performance in church over the Christmas Season, the music represents a particularly sophisticated expression of the parody technique, by which existing music was adapted to a new purpose. Bach took the majority of the choruses and arias from works which had been written some time earlier. Most of this music was ‘secular’, that is, written in praise of royalty or notable local figures, outside the tradition of performance within the church.

General admission is $15.00, students and seniors $12.00; purchase tickets here.

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