Who Is The Garden Angel?

We spotted this poster taped to a tree outside Jack the Horse Tavern on Hicks and Cranberry this morning (click on image for larger view). It reads:

jth angel"To our mysterious Garden Angel,

We were very sad when the storm caused our corner barrel flower pot to collapse, especially before we could thank you for your lovely gift of impatiens.

We tried to salvage the plant until a sturdier container could be found, but it suddenly disappeared.

We hope you will stop in so we can thank you.

With kind regards,

Micki and Tim

Jack the Horse Tavern" 

We know of a few Green Thumbs on Cranberry Street who might be the "Garden Angel".  Are you that person or have a hunch on who it might be?  Let us know (webmaster@brooklynheightsblog.com).

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  • Ward

    Whoever it is, they are quite nice!

  • http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=impatien&w=all&s=int Free Lunch Brainstorm

    Hi, Micki and Jim, it was me! Say, will you give me free food/beverage to as a concrete demonstration of your delight? Hurry up though, because I am a person who is very busy and … um … impatien.