Could Rezoning Drive Working Artists from DUMBO?

Proposed rezoning of the northeast portion of DUMBO–the area outlined in red on the map above–from strictly manufacturing to mixed use manufacturing and residential, could sound the death knell for DUMBO as a community for working artists. Many artists’ studios (a use allowed under manufacturing zoning) are located in former factory buildings within the area slated for rezoning. Should the rezoning take effect and residential use be allowed, building owners will have a strong incentive to refuse to renew studio leases so as to convert buildings to more lucrative residential loft spaces, or to demolish them to be replaced by up to twelve story apartment buildings allowed under the new zoning. Community Board 2’s Land Use Committee will consider the proposed zoning change at its meeting on Wednesday evening at Polytechnic University, Dubner Library, Room LC400, 5 Metrotech Center, beginning at 6:00. The public is invited to attend and comment on this and other land use matters.

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  • Brooklyn Guy

    This rezoning would tie into Dan Squadron’s incremental tax financing for Brooklyn Bridge Park……more than a coincidence? Who is driving DCP to push this?

    Was there a vote at CB2 on this last night?

  • DUMBO Artist

    No, in fact it will help me continue living and working in DUMBO!