No. 1 idea: Toilet in Columbus Park!


When you gotta go, you gotta go — and soon, you can go in Columbus Park.

The city hopes to install an automatic public toilet at a spot in Columbus Park and Community Board 2 is all in favor of the movement.

The toilet station still needs final design approval for this location, and tonight, CB2’s Parks Committee will draft a letter of support for the project at its monthly meeting.

“The Community Board will indicate that we like the location and we like the building,” said District Manager Rob Perris.

The 12-foot-by-seven-foot toilet stations are coin-operated and self-cleaning, and automatically open if you’ve been in there too long (15 minutes). They are part of the city’s contract with the Spanish company Cemusa to bring shiny, glassy newsstands, bus stops, and newspaper racks to the city. The company finances its maintenance through advertising.

Last week, the Landmarks Commission approved plans to install a public toilet in Grand Army Plaza.

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  • Publius

    15 minutes. That’s long enough for a bio break or an erotic encounter. I’m sure it will be used for both.

  • CJP

    Not aware of the specifics of the contract but just wanted to say how much I like the “street furniture” that this firm has brought to New York. Maybe there are complaints that I’m not aware of but the bus stops are classy and this toilet looks and seems practical.

  • modsquad

    NYC is so unaccommodating. Every time there is a new, over designed street toilet it’s a news story. This prototype will disappear until the next one “splashes” on to the scene.