Montague Milled, Not Paved; Nothing Done Elsewhere

I’ll confess to having felt a bit curious when it was announced last Friday that various streets in and around Brooklyn Heights, including my home street, Montague, were to be paved the following Monday (last night) and Tuesday nights. After all, the affected streets had not yet been milled; a necessary prelude to repaving. Indeed, through last night my wife and I often found our sleep disturbed by sounds consistent with pavement milling, as did many other Montague residents, as reported in this Eagle story. This morning I found Montague milled, but not repaved. As for the other streets supposedly slated for repaving–Remsen between Court and Clinton, Joralemon between Fulton and Clinton, and Court between Joralemon and Atlantic Avenue–they were all undisturbed.

Stay tuned for better information, as soon as we have it, on the progress of street work in the neighborhood.

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  • StudioBrooklyn

    Pierrepont Place does seem to have been re-paved, as well as a crescent of the turn up to Columbia Hts. Total game changer, I know.

  • ClaudeScales

    Since my apartment faces Pierrepont Place I was aware of what happened. Last week two trenches were dug in the street, and what looked like plastic conduits for cable were buried in the trenches. The street was milled and re-paved later.

  • Heightsman

    but only half correct?

  • ClaudeScales


  • gerrymander

    Joralemon (Court-Clinton) was milled as of this morning.

  • Heightsman

    Was making a joke because they only seemed to have paved “half” of the street!

  • ClaudeScales

    OK, got it. I hadn’t noticed, though it’s right outside my window, that only half of Pierrepont Place was re-paved.

  • ClaudeScales

    Thanks for the update!