Emack’s Is Here!

The Brooklyn Heights branch of Emack and Bolio’s opened its doors on Monday, joining the embarrassment of ice cream riches we’ve got in the area.

Co-owner Tyler Carpenter, who started working as a teenager in the shop on the Upper West Side, said that business has been good so far, and that he’s been pleasantly surprised by the amount of traffic and interest the new shop is getting.

Hours are currently noon to 11 pm, but given the heavy day-time foot traffic, Carpenter said that he’s considering opening at 11 am.

I first encountered Emack and Bolio’s in the late 80’s near Boston and was a customer at the now-defunct shop on 7th Avenue at 14th Street in Manhattan. And I am a BIG fan.

So stop by (Montague between Hicks and Henry, in the old Connecticut Muffin space), say hello, and add a little sweetness to your summer. I know where I’m going for lunch today.

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  • CHatter

    Went last night. I agree, really excellent ice cream. They also have chocolates and pastries that looked good too, though I didn’t try any of those. And reasonably plentiful seating (upstairs just like when it was CT Muffin). Welcome to the neighborhood Emacks!

  • Andrew Porter

    I saw it was open today, but actually there’s no signage to show what they sell on the front. Owell, I’m lactose intolerant anyway…

  • Bzziladi

    I’ve been a fan of the Emack’s on 1st Ave. & 81st St. in Manhattan for years. I’m thrilled they’ve crossed the bridge into Bklyn! I’ll be a regular there!

  • annoyed

    Montague street looks like a mall from 1984. We need to bring some modern and tasteful retailers. Thank God we will have at least one with Friend of the Farmer coming in.

  • Evatorba

    was really excited when I saw the sign go up a few weeks back. We certainly needed some better options for sweets in the heights. Took my family last night and it was very fun on the inside. The ice cream and chocolate we got was delicious. And they play vinyl! Zeppelin and Jimi? I’ll be back.

  • MRSC

    Stopped in for my 1st taste of the most sublime ice cream! Really, really. My friends had the same thoughts. Next time I’m going to try their chocolate which looks incredibly delicious too.

  • Vivi

    The place is cool & the ice cream & sorbet are excellent. Tyler is a really nice guy..very patient with my kids who wanted to taste several flavors before they could decide…We will be back to Emack & Bolio’s very soon. Thanks for opening here in BH.

  • Heightsman

    Interesting….I grew up with a store in Short Hills, NJ. Didn’t realize their backstory until now. I wish the owner all the best. Anything but a bank or phone store.

  • Anon

    Grasshopper pie ice cream is very good. It’s not as good as the Brooklyn ice cream factory, but you don’t have to wait 30 minutes behind tourists, either.

  • GM

    Or a pharmacy!

  • Sweet tooth

    I like their product much better than the other ice cream stores that have spring up recently.. I also remember Emacks when I attended college in Boston. Loved it then, love it now.

  • Rose

    Yummiest ice cream.

  • Goldengirl

    I 2nd that emotion. Delicious.