Public Hearing for Pier 6 Towers Scheduled for This Thursday Evening

A public hearing for the proposed towers at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park will be held this Thursday, July 30th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at St. Francis College, Founders Hall, 180 Remsen Street.   As previously reported, the meeting is the direct result of a lawsuit settlement between People for Green Space Foundation and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation.

In preparation for the meeting, The Brooklyn Heights Association posted “BHA Works to Stop Unnecessary Highrises in Brooklyn Bridge Park.” The article outlines BHA’s position and encourages residents to attend and make their voices heard.  In addition, BHA urges individuals to also  email Rose-Marie Mahase at The Empire State Development Corporation and provides both a sample email and long-form letter.

The P.S. 8 PTA sent communiques to members on their overcrowding list which shared the official legal notice and included a sample email that outlines the overcrowding at P.S. 8 and the need for additional elementary school capacity.  It encouraged, “If you are interested in speaking at the public hearing, please reach out to us at” so we can coordinate.”

Arguments at the July 30th meeting may be submitted in writing or made orally.  Email comments must be received by 5:00 pm on August 31st.

What do you think? Are these towers inevitable or can neighborhood activism halt the project?

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  • Willow Street Watch

    No matter What the BHA and certain very recent pier 6 opponents OPENLY say, the truth is that we cannot stop or damage the BBP plans with any amount of logical presentations and conventional activism. We are dealing with ruthless types who are awash in money and drunk with power.

    ONLY when the opponents begin to think in some kind of real world terms will this slide stop. You cannot beat cancer with aspirin….

    We first have to make every effort to uncover and document any and all illegal practices which can be brought before a U.S. Attorney. Evidence which will compel action.

    Second, to do the above we have to enough reward money out on the street for any damaging evidence.

    Third, you need to name and shame with public exposure any and all contributors and those in line to profit by the destructive disruption of the Heights these projects represent. That means first of all the financial sources of the developers. Then the major players on the RE community: the banks, the RE managers, The Insurance community who are facilitating this project and any surrounding facilitators such as, say, any title gurantee firms. The contractors and Engineering firms should at LEAST be vetted for any illegal or unsavory activities whatsoever

    Sound like a lot of work? So was the establishment of independence and the building of the city we formerly enjoyed. But if you will not PROPERLY fight for your home and security you will shortly have neither.
    And as above, you cannot stop cancer with soft music, aspirin or sugar cookies…

  • Andrew Porter

    I will bring the pitchforks and torches.