Brooklyn Law School Puts 2 Pierrepont Up For Sale

The Real Deal reports that Brooklyn Law School, which has owned 2 Pierrepont Street, a twelve story postwar apartment building at the corner of Pierrepont Street and Pierrepont Place, for the last thirty years and used it as faculty and student housing, has put the building up for sale. The school paid $2.2 million for the building, so stands to make a substantial profit; its president, Nicholas Allard, is quoted in the Real Deal as saying that the board of trustees thought it wise to sell it “while the real estate market in Brooklyn Heights is at a peak.” Is it really downhill from here?

The Real Deal story also speculates that a new owner might decide to tear the building down. This is an unsettling prospect for your correspondent, who lives in an adjacent building. In my view, though, it’s highly unlikely. Any new structure built on the site would arguably be subject to the fifty foot height limit that applies throughout the Brooklyn Heights Historic District (2 Pierrepont was built before the Historic District was designated). Some years ago a developer bought the old Margaret Hotel, at the corner of Columbia Heights and Orange Street, and was converting it to luxury apartments when it caught fire and was destroyed. After some controversy, the developer was allowed to build a building of equal height on the site. I doubt, though, that the Landmarks Preservation Commission would be as lenient to a developer who deliberately took down a building and sought to replace it with one of equal height.

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  • gc

    Hopefully lightning doesn’t strike it.

  • LDS

    “Affordable housing” component? Sadly, not likely.

  • Willow Street Watch

    I always thought that 57 Montague, which has the REALLY interesting history, was the sister building of 2 Pierrepont.

  • bleh

    What really interesting history?

  • Robert Perris

    Cushman & Wakefield has announced a deadline for offers. “Please be advised that the call for offers in reference to the sale of 2 Pierrepont Street has been set for July 17th. If you are interested in pursuing this asset, please submit your offer no later than Friday, July 17th, at 5:00pm.”

  • ClaudeScales

    Thanks for the added info.

  • ClaudeScales

    It all started in 1983, when I moved in. Well, actually, a few years before that a scene from Prizzi’s Honor was shot in the building.

  • Willow Street Watch

    How is it that you are posting on this subject….hmmm

  • Willow Street Watch

    Well, as far as I can remember, one of the Rockefeller’s top aids “fell” from one of the upper floors. But that was nothing to what became known in senior circles as the JVM matter…the management of 57, or one or more employees, had one of the most Important elderly activists arrested. They sought and were given an order of protection barring him from the building. This for an impared person in his eighties. He was forced into the sheltrr system. No trial, no conviction. He was VERY active in the jubilee center. The life in the shelter took its toll quickly and he had to be hospitalized twice. Finally he made the mistake of seeking care at St Vincent’s who promptly called in APS. He was then, without his permission, placed in inner city nursing home. Of course, when he objected reasonably the psychs were called in. Of course they promptly sezed his social security “for the care he was receiving” I was told. What happened to the contents of his his apartment which took him a lifetime to collect? I was never able to get a straight answer…

    Why is this important? Well by far the biggest factor in reducing violent crime in the Heights in the 70’s and early 80’s was the elderly and what they saw, invaluable/critical street intell, That is until what happened to JVM. Everyone saw and they saw what could happen to any of them.
    Guess what happened next? Dozens of sources, especially if they knew him from Pierrepont instantly learned how to NOT notice anything and how to otherwise shut up! It was an absolute intelligence disaster. Sure, if anyone who is not paying market can be throw first into the shelter system, then into the nursing home gulag, all without trial and conviction, and their earthly possessions can end up…wherever. And no one not the church, not the heights-hill, not the bhp/BHA no one would help, well people know how to go invisible…..

  • Diesel

    Uh hu (sniffing butt)

  • Robert Perris

    Very simple answer, C&W bought Massey Knakal and absorbed its email distribution list, where someone added the district office email at some point in the past. Since there was a blog post on 2 Pierrepont, I thought people might be interested in this detail. It seems Claude was; perhaps others were. What were you insinuating, hmmm?

  • Willow Street Watch

    I’m just being neutrally observant, at this point.

    But given the behavior of everyone connected to CB2 in the last two “meetings” everyone on CB2 INCLUDING the support staff can be assured that from now on, many of us in the Heights are going to be a LOT more observant of everything in any way related to the CB2’s
    operation..Starting now.

    You can be assured of that….

  • Andrew Porter

    Prizzi’s Honor was filmed to a large extent in the Low Mansion now up for sale. They used black cloth over the windows to simulate night scenes.