Empire State Development Meeting About Pier 6 Tomorrow, RSVP NOW!!

The folks at Save The View Now would like everyone to know that the Empire State Development meeting concerning BBP Pier 6 will be occurring at 9:30am tomorrow, but you must RSVP by 5pm TODAY. So, you have less than hour to do that. Presumably, they will be discussing infilling the childrens water park and putting up a giant wall of concrete, or something. RSVP at:(212) 803-3772.

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  • Willow Street Watch

    Well, this is the way things are done now. With the least possible public notice and maximum amount of secrecy.

  • QfwfqfwfQ

    That’s not exactly true for this meeting, it was mentioned in a previous post from last week:

  • Willow Street Watch

    No, it’s largely true of this meeting and precisely true of virtually every other governmental process. The idea/procedure ioday is toformu-
    late/change policy with the very least public notice as possible and…..as extra-govermentally as possible.

    Faiwell open government, visible formation of policy and for that matter, any semblance of the once highly esteemed concept of American ex-

  • skunky

    Please don’t confuse WSW with facts.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Personal attacks aside, do you have anything of value to contribute to this conversation?….

  • skunky

    These aren’t personal attacks, they’re pointing out that your comments are generally non-sensical and non-factual. A personal attack would be to call you names or to cast aspersion as to your personal habits, about which I can only speculate would be great fodder for such attacks.

  • Roberto Gautier

    I would have gone to the meeting, but found out too late, after the RSVP deadline. The process for public comment seems squiggly and designed to include only the in-crowd. Democratic principles seem to have been set aside in favor of lobbyists and bureaucrats and not those with day jobs. Sadly, this type of decision-making is quite common. Asking for public involvement with only last-minute notice is infuriating, because lasting damage can result when democracy is squashed.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Hey, forget the fireworks tomorrow night, there were real fireworks this morning at the New York State Development corp’s second meeting on the pier 6 plans by the BBP Corp.

    The fireworks started when Heights leaders discovered that while they were kept in a reception area “waiting for board members to arrive” staff said, BBP officials had been allowed into the meeting area having unsupervised access to board members as they arrived and thereafter.
    One Heights advocate infiltrated the boardroom getting an ear full of the BBP officials antics in the now almost full boardroom. But after a period he was detected, NYDC staff demanded he leave. He refused and one of the more important of the board members began to forcefully demand he leave. “Doesn’t all this look conflictive? He asked the senior board member causing the member to become more hostile. Fuming he or the staff then called security. He briefly left to alert other Heights activists, upon hearing him do this, the NYDC staff rushed to close both doors to the board room, citing privacy!!! After a brief time however the staff, a clear result of a hiring process base on meritocracy, moved to other matters including personal phone calls, and a Heights advocate simply opened a door to observe BBP officials continuing to have private contact, now with key board members!!!

  • Willow Street Watch

    Well, if you want substance, take a look at my post on the events of this morning at the wonderfully open NYDC meeting.

    Oh by the way, two questions: were YOU there at the NYDC board meeting? And do you actually live in the Heights?

  • skunky

    No, I wasn’t. I don’t have a strong opinion about the project other than being generally supportive of new housing and new parks. And no, I don’t live in the Heights proper, but about three blocks from its borders.

    Your post below doesn’t say anything about the actual meeting, just the various shenanigans beforehand.

    And it’s the Empire State Development Corp., not the NYDC. See my above complaint re: facts.