CB2 full board meeting on Wednesday

Community Board 2 will hold its monthly board meeting this Wednesday, March 11, at 6 pm, at Congregation Mount Sinai at 250 Cadman Plaza West (at the corner of Clark Street). The meeting is open to the public, and will include committee reports from the month.

Also on the agenda are presentations by the following community leaders:

•    Peter Woods, LICH’s chairman of the Emergency Medicine department
•    George Baez, the manager of the post office at Cadman Plaza, who will be on hand to answer questions and address concerns about the station
•    Lynne Serpe, community liaison at the Community Environmental Center, who will discuss weatherization assistance programs

For any additional info about the meeting, call the CB2 office at (718) 596-5410

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  • epc

    I can’t go tonight but if anyone who reads this does go, please ask George Baez why it’s been three months without repairs since the buzzer broke at the pickup window, as well as why they’ve removed the stamp vending machines. Now you have to get in the delightful line even if you just want a pack of stamps. And it’s more likely that you’ll get Rush Limbaugh admiring Barack Obama than you’ll get someone to come over to the pickup window in under 20 minutes.