Save The View Now’s Guterman Urges Pressure on Mayor, Governor

At yesterday evening’s “Town Hall Meeting” Save The View Now co-founder Steven Guterman (photo) said it is important to bring public pressure to bear on Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, as they respectively control the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation and the Empire State Development Corporation, which are capable of taking action to solve the problem of the Pierhouse structure blocking views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and other locations. He was joined in this call by City Council Member Stephen Levin, who described the BBPC, on the board of which he serves, as “not the most transparent of public entities.”

Concerning the litigation that Save The View has brought, Guterman expressed optimism, noting the qualifications and ability of the counsel retained. He nevertheless voiced concern that the deep pocketed defendants, who include the developers Toll Brothers along with the BBPC, the ESDC, and the City, would try to “crush” Save The View with legal expenses. He therefore urged those concerned to donate to Save The View’s legal fund. More details here.

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  • William Gilbert

    I was down at the Orange Street side of the Promenade today and it’s really looking worse than ever – views are already gone and it is not going to get better. I don’t think our idiot mayor can be persuaded to do anything about it. He wasn’t very useful with the LICH problem at all.

    As the Mayor controls the BBPC he will do nothing about this because he wants and needs the real estate moguls to contribute to his re-election campaign. He is going to need a LOT of money to get re-elected.

  • Willow Street Watch

    I’m sorry I could not attend the meeting. But as far as legal action, litigation is a black hole for energy and money unless the approach is properly based and done and in most cases is directed at federal court. If there is any Federal dollars involved the case belongs before a federal judge. Other actions, usually on environmental impact ground can go to state court.

    But besides this, it is important to establish a truth squad which offers cash rewards for information of wrongdoing. A surprisingly low amount of money on the street WILL shake loose evidence which can force a DA or, better, a US attorney, to act.

    But beyond that, I’m surprisred no one has explored the option of a. BALLOT INITATIVE…….. you can’t tell me there are not 60,000 legal
    Signatures in the downtown area of people who would like more transparentcy and who very seriously question the park (read real estate scam)’s leadership and operation. Ballot initiatives are often, when properly done, a far better area to expend funds and time resources than in the courts.

  • gerrymander

    Ballot initiatives are not provided for in New York State. Only referenda approved (in a very time-consuming process) by the State legislature.

  • CHatter

    I’m afraid you’ll find that that’s not how federal court jurisdiction works.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    As a former de Blasio supporter that got burned by him with LICH, count me in as for “Anyone but de Blasio.”

  • Jorale-man

    I’d think this stands a little better chance than the Pier 6 campaign because what’s going on here is such a clear violation of the original height limits spelled out in the blueprints for the park. And whereas the affordable housing card has gotten mixed into the Pier 6 campaign, I believe the Pierhouse doesn’t come with a poor door. This is housing/hotel space purely for the rich.

    Thanks to Claude for the excellent reporting.

  • stuart

    I believe the buildings have topped out. That’s it, they’re not going to get any taller. Does the lawsuit aim to have a story removed from what has been built? At this point the best thing would be to ensure that rooftop equipment and other accretions are kept to a minimum and that the green roof be as green as possible. What has been built looks to me to match the renderings that were put out a year ago. I don’t understand the argument that says that they are bigger. They are big, but it looks like that is what they always were.

  • gc

    Count me in too!

  • Eddyde

    Me three

  • Eddyde

    I doubt much money will be ther for the Mayor De-no-balls-io reelection. The real estate moguls used him up in the first term, why waste waste the cash on on a single use mayor…. Next!

  • Eddyde

    If the south building stays at the height it is now, it appears it would be within the agreed limit. However, the north building is much higher (at least 30′ higher than the warehouses it replaced) and does detract from the view. That being said, I doubt our lickspittle mayor or governor will do anything about it.

  • stuart

    Its hard to judge the north buildings exactly as they are covered with scaffold that is higher than the facades. They are big. I do not remember any commitment that the new buildings would be the same height as the old cold storage warehouses.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Notice what’s happening here with all the above comments, they all give “reasons” why nothing will be effective. In other words, according to the naysayers,, NOTHING will work. That everything will always sum to zero…..

    This is classic discouragement techniques, much like we’ve had for Years at the 84 precinct community council or when you bring a good perfectly workable idea to the BHA; according to them nothing (outside of what originates from their inner circle) will ever work.

    So, great minds, what do you say WOULD be successful in stopping or reversing the BBP/development craze. Do you have Anything to offer? Or is it all rock throwing and naysaying? If you have nothing to offer (outside of the same tired, weak proposals) what have you to offer?

    For example, why not speak directly to the three points which were offered? Exactly why can’t competent legal action be brought in federal court? Exactly why can’t some kind of cash for evidence of corrupt practices fund be established? And if ballot iniatives can’t happen, why have dozens appeared on the ballot in my lifetime?

  • stuart

    I mentioned in my brief comment what I would aim for. It’s not what you want but it’s not a negative stance. The buildings in the park are a done deal. They’re built. There may be realistic concessions that can be gotten from the developer, and those should be pursued. But you seem to want to turn back time, and that is not going to happen.

  • Willow Street Watch

    First, before you blithely slap down the proposal, is there any federal funds involved? Do you know? Or are you simply here to dicouraging interest? If such legal actions in federal jurisdictions can’t be brought, why are hundreds of such legal actions filed and brought to trial every year?

    What everyone SHOULD be questioning is why the “leaders” of protest orgs involved in this issue never show any interest in the three most promising avenues which have worked all over the country, and con-
    tinue to collect funds for actions which they know have poor records
    of success….

  • Eddyde

    “So, great minds, what do you say WOULD be successful in stopping or reversing the BBP/development craze. Do you have Anything to offer?”
    The Guillotine.

  • Willow Street Watch

    First, is any federal money in any shape involved? Second, were each and every enviormental impact steps properly done? Third, what civil or criminal violations occurred?

    The way you find any of that out is research. Was any of that done?
    As far as anything illegal or actionable, money on the street is by far the best way to depth charge that to the surface. Establish a cash for evidence offer. As shown in hundreds of cases, you’ll see what that brings to light. Hey kids, this is (duh) protect your neighborhood 101.

  • Willow Street Watch

    What legal and effective can we realistically do? Well, cash on the street I assure you would be immediately newsworthy and wipe the arrogant smerk off the faces of the BBP principals. Hey, you’re telling me that the RE development crowd has nothing to hide?

    A cash offer would also serve as a real indicator of the degree of upset and anger of the area in this matter….

  • Willow Street Watch

    What a total defeatist statement.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Again, your statement sums to zero

  • Eddyde

    Heads would certainly roll :p

  • mlcraryville

    You may not “remember” but the facts are facts. Go back to the agreements and definitions of 2005 and 2006. They clearly set the limits of heights and the details of the views (the sweep of the saved cable from tower to tower) to be saved. You could look it up!

  • skunky

    Bringing action in Federal court is a lot different than winning something in Federal court. I can bring action against anyone I want in Federal court, but unless it has an actual basis in law and fact, it’ll get thrown out. You seem to have had no idea that there is no law for ballot initiatives in NY, so I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you have no idea what kind of actions can be brought in Federal court.