Memorial Service for John Loscalzo, BHB’s “Homer Fink,” Wednesday Evening

There will be a memorial service for John Loscalzo, publisher of Brooklyn Heights Blog and known to readers as “Homer Fink,” who died suddenly this past Wednesday. The service will be this coming Wednesday evening, April 8, from 7:00 to 9:00, at Scotto’s Funeral Home, 106 1st Place, at Court Street, Brooklyn. There will be prayers and remarks at 8:00; please bring any pictures and stories you’d like to share.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to the education fund for the love of John’s life, his daughter Gracie. Checks made out to Grace Loscalzo may be deposited directly to her savings account, number 3044158243, at any Chase branch, or sent to her mother, Tracy Zamot, at 33 Willow Street, Apt 1, Brooklyn, NY 11201-1367.

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  • Mary

    My family will be sending a check. I hope everyone who has enjoyed this blog will contribute. Praying for Tracy and Gracie.

  • Andrew Porter

    My check is in the envelope, yet to be mailed. Hope to be at the memorial, too.

  • Mary

    See you there, Mr. Porter.

  • Adele Bernhard

    what happened? Does anyone know?

  • Alec

    sorry to hear about his passing…

  • William Spier

    What a loss for BH and his family. I just heard of his passing after being away. I am speechless. John was as nice as he was hard working, and he knew more about the depth of this community than anyone.

  • jo ann

    I highly recommend that you remove the account number from this post, along with name and address, you are opening this poor girl up to fraud.

  • CHatter

    Nonsense. Every bit of that information appears on a standard check.

  • ClaudeScales

    Tracy asked that the information be included. She said the account number can only be used for deposits.

  • jo ann

    Then please post a copy of your personal check on this site for all to see. There is a reason your account information is masked on all documentation received from your bank.

  • Andrew Porter

    “…died suddenly at Brooklyn Hospital. No cause of death has been released,” say numerous articles…

  • Adele Bernhard

    thanks, so sad

  • memeadjuster

    Please note that ALL CHECKS have the writer’s personal account number plainly visible on the bottom, usually next to the bank’s routing number.

  • jo ann

    Yes, as a bank professional, I am aware. As someone who deals with cyber fraud issues all day, I also know that there is a difference between intentionally sending a check to a known recipient, and posting that info in the public sphere. Also, if anyone thinks that a ‘deposit only’ account poses a challenge to a hacker, you are sadly mistaken.

  • Andrew Porter

    The directions by bus here:

    .. say to take the B75 bus. But it’s actually the B57 bus. The other way from BH is to take the A train to Jay Street, change for the F, take that 2 stops to Carroll Street. Get out of the front of the train, exit the station, turn left, turn left again at the corner to get to the funeral home. Never cross a street.

  • whodiditandran

    I’m sorry to have not have been able to attend this memorial, and not sure that I could have even made it through if i had. I will be sure to write a check to honor the way that John was thoroughly and absolutely besotted by Gracie….Nabeguy

  • Liam

    I have never before been to a service with so many people, who were clearly profoundly influenced by someone, who were such a diverse slice of the population and where the bitter grief was mixed with gratitude for a life well lived that influenced so many present.

  • Andrew Porter

    It was standing room only, and tightly packed at that. I’d say there may have been 200-300 people there, the majority from the music industry. Others there included the Brooklyn Eagle’s Dozier Hasty, the BHA’s Judy Stanton, Claude Scales and his wife, and BHA President Alexandra Bowie. The service was conducted, I believe, by Rev. Julie Hoplamazian, Associate Rector at Grace Church—but I never saw her, only heard her voice. There were also moving comments by several there, including Claude Scales.

    It was so tightly packed that I never stirred from the couch I was sitting on. Afterwards, I noticed a sign about maximum occupancy being only 100. If a fire marshall had showed up, the place would have been cleared. I’m sure the BHB will have a report on the service, with photos, and others took photos for other news outlets.