Help Charlie Find His Way Back Home! [Update: He’s home!]

April 1 update: Happy news from the McKeans that Charlie found his way home last night, appearing at the very window in which he’s pictured here.

Our good friends at Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition were contacted by Charlie’s humans, Henry and Rasa McKean, when this gorgeous Maine coon went missing on March 30 around 7 pm, near Plymouth Church on Orange Street between Henry & Hicks.

He’s a big boy and very friendly; his full name is Charles Edward Stuart, but he goes by Charlie. His sister feline, Flora MacDonald, misses him terribly and is eager to have him home, as are his humans.

(The story of his name:  Charlie was known as “Bonnie Prince Charlie” during the Jacobite Rising in 1745.  Flora MacDonald helped him escape from Scotland to France by singing and dancing to distract his captors. But we are not holding the feline Flora responsible for this Charlie’s escape.)

He’s not wearing a collar and he’s not microchipped.  



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  • Brixtony

    Glad he’s back. My dog (who loves cats) and I had a brief conversation with him earlier this week. He’s magnificent.

  • Mini_Cooper

    How did you find out he’s back home? Is there another article?

  • Brixtony

    There’s a tweet on the upper right column.

  • Mini_Cooper

    Yay Hooray!!!!! Love these happy endings. Thanks.

  • Jenna

    Very happy to hear Charlie made it home safe. He’s a super sweet cat and my dog Brando also loves to say hello to him!