Councilman Levin Saves Abused Cat on the BQE


Thanks to Steve Levin, City Councilman for Brooklyn Heights, a Brooklyn cat hasn’t quite run out of lives.

Gothamist reported earlier today that while driving on the BQE last Friday, Levin spotted the cat on the roadway in Williamsburg. (Photo above is from 2012 and shows Levin with another cat, not the one he rescued last week.)

Gothamist: “The councilmember took an exit, then got back on going the opposite direction, and saw that the cat’s leg was caught in a storm drain. He pulled over, got out of his car, and went to pick the cat up.”

The seriously injured, pregnant cat is currently in the care of Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, which is accepting donations for her care.


Read the full story, including the report about the cat biting Levin, at Gothamist.


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  • StoptheChop

    Thanks for sharing this story, Teresa!

  • Teresa

    I’m so happy I came across it earlier! What a great thing he did.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Good job Steve!!!

  • Jenna

    Just donated! We’re lucky to have BARC.