Brooklyn Heights Library Design Workshop Monday Evening–All Invited

As was noted at the Community Advisory Committee meeting on Monday, March 9, much work remains to be done on the design of the proposed new Brooklyn Heights Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. (The image is of a preliminary rendering of the new library’s exterior, and will not necessarily be the final design.) This coming Monday, March 23, there will be a “brainstorming session” to which all members of the public are invited to meet with representatives of Marvel Architects and of the BPL. It will be in the ground floor auditorium of the Brooklyn Heights Branch, 280 Cadman Plaza West, and will begin at 6:30 p.m. BPL would also like you to take this survey.

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  • Willow Street Watch

    Well, I and several friends went to to this “design workshop” first, this meeting was not primarily on design but shape of resources. Then, everyone was assigned to a numbered table..but of course there was already at the table a discernable table leader who promptly and firmly assumed direction of the conduction of collection of public opinion on what the library facilities should be. The “leader” had several supporters at her sides and the others were weak willed types. Our leader was CAC person.

    OK we made up a chart of what we wanted, the vast majority forcefully wanted far more books. This was a real upset for the on line types. Then the issue of how much natural light came up. Of course friends of the development want one floor above ground and any other space below. Hey, anything above ground level cuts into profits!

    If the need space for mechanicals, why do you need part of the surface foot print? Hey how far are you going to excavate? You know that wasn’t answered….

    So went the carefully structured meeting giving all the appearance of seeking public input and approval..all the genuine quality of a soviet show trial, well just about. But dispute the library employees hovering around, a lot of good comments emerged, let’s see if any of what was expressed ever makes it into any kind of reality…don’t hold your breath….