Brooklyn Bridge Park Litigation on Hold For “Meaningful Discussions” on Park’s Future

We’ve received word from Lori Schomp of People for Green Space, which began a lawsuit against the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation and others seeking justification for BBPC’s plans to allow construction of two high rise residential buildings at the entrance to Pier 6 (see rendering), that pursuant to an agreement among the parties the scheduled hearing date of March 11 has been postponed until May 12, and the Temporary Restraining Order issued by the court to BBPC and the other defendants is extended until that date, in order to allow time for the parties to discuss resolution of the litigation.

According to Ms. Schomp, “[t]he Park Corporation has asked for this long adjournment to engage in meaningful discussions regarding the future of Brooklyn Bridge Park.” There’s more information in PFGS’s presser here.

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  • NeighboorHood

    While I’d like to think this means progress, I’m concerned. The linked document seems to say People for GS has withdrawn the request for full financial disclosure? I hope I read that incorrectly. Seems to me based on their past conduct, that the BBP Board must be using this pause as a delay tactic and has something up their sleeves. If they are coming to the table suddenly asking for a “pause” before the ruling it probably means they fear there is a real chance the judge will side with us and order the financial release and they don’t want that! Anyone have any better understanding of this new development?

  • ClaudeScales

    According to the Stipulation of Adjournment, the demand for financial disclosure has been withdrawn “without prejudice.” This means PFGS may re-submit it if the “meaningful discussions” fail to lead to a resolution.

  • NeighboorHood

    Thanks for clarifying that Claude.

  • Solovely

    Dear everyone,

    In addition to Claude’s clarification below:

    Please note a crucial lines from the PR, not in the above except:

    The temporary restraining order granted last July on Pier 6 development will remain in place, and PFGSF remains fully confident in the position our legal team has proffered and the evidence supporting that position. We have received amicus briefs from a growing list of entities, including the Brooklyn Heights Association and our advocacy only gains momentum.



  • HicksOnHicks

    Hi Lori – I know I speak for many of my neighbors when I thank you for the hard work and $$ that you are devoting to keep BBP a park rather than a housing complex.

    Does your agreement impact Pierhouse and its monstrous height as well?

  • Littlestbird

    Thank you for your kind words; this has been an amazing community wide efforts.

    To answer your question there are synergies, if you haven’t seen this perhaps of interest.–brooklyn-bridge.html