Packer Collegiate Institute to Borrow $22 Million For Expansion

Bloomberg reports that Packer Collegiate Institute, the 170 year old private primary and secondary school located at Joralemon and Clinton streets, plans to issue $22 million in tax exempt 30 year bonds to be used to finance the acquisition and renovation of property at 100 Clinton Street. The building, which is at the northwest corner of Clinton and Remsen and now houses medical offices, will be used for Packer’s preschool and kindergarten programs.

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  • O’reilly

    Ah 1% per cent problems

  • ClaudeScales

    Who said it was a problem?

  • Maggie

    100 Clinton is on the NW corner of Clinton and Remsen, not Clinton and Joralemon.

  • Mini_Cooper

    Wait wait wait. North WEST??? I thought the west side of Clinton is part of Landmarks. Anyhow, on the NW corner of Clinton and Remsen is a large apartment building (150 Remsen).

  • ClaudeScales

    Sorry, Maggie. You’re right, and I’ve corrected the post.

  • ClaudeScales

    150, being an even number,would have to be on the south side of Remsen; ergo, it’s on the SW corner.

  • Andrew Porter

    Thus my gastroenterologist, Dr. Rezk, has been forced to move his offices to some other location.

    Packer’s new digs will have a children’s playground on the roof, so expect the sound of high, piping voices to echo down the streets in future. Not sure if the people in the surrounding apartments (including those in the former Franklin Trust building next door) are expecting that.