Runs Brooklyn/Brooklyn Runs halfway done, Brooklyn Heights shunned

Still no sight of runs brooklyn this side of Court Street:

Third, although there are a number of neighborhoods I clearly need to spend more time in, I have run at least once through all of the places listed with the glaring exception of Brooklyn Heights. Admittedly, I haven't yet run in Vinegar Hill or DUMBO either, but since we're lumping those in with downtown…

However, he has a cunning plan:

And third, my "strategy" (or whatever you want to call it) for the first half centered largely around running the southernmost neighborhoods first, since they're the farthest away from my home base in Greenpoint (though as I approached the overall 50% mark I did do several runs much closer to home). So if you live in Brooklyn Heights or Bushwick or Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, don't read anything into the lack of time spent in your corner of the borough. It's nothing personal, I promise. And besides, look on the bright side — you'll see plenty of me this spring and summer.

Come to Brooklyn Heights in the springtime. We await you with open arms and water-filled dixie cups. Just, uh, watch out for this guy

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