P.S. 8 and all NYC Public Kindergarten Registration is Now Open Through February 13

The NYC Department of Education Kindergarten application period for children born in 2010 is now open.  “If your child was born in 2010 and you live in NYC, it’s time to apply to kindergarten.  All students born in 2010 are eligible to attend kindergarten in September 2015.

All families, including those of students with disabilities and current pre-k students, should submit an application in order to receive a kindergarten placement. Admission is not first-come, first-served. All applications received by the February 13 deadline will be treated the same, according to schools’ admissions priorities. View [DOE] frequently asked questions.”

To register, parents need to create an online account for their child/children on the DOE’s Student Enrollment Management System.  They may also apply in person at a Family Welcome Center or via phone.  Readers may recall that parents concerned about PS8’s overcrowding have been advised by District 13 CEC President, David Goldsmith to also choose an alternate school.  Parents are able to select up to twelve schools and will be able to rank them in order of preference.    Changes may be made to the application through January 13th.

If completing the application online parents will receive an email confirmation of registration.  Kindergarten offers letters are sent in early April 2015.  Deadline to accept/decline offer is May 2015.

For complete information, links to the application portal and a downloadable copy of the Kindergarten handbooks visit: http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnrollment/Elementary/kindergarten.html

DOE Student Enrollment Management System https://prod.semsnycdoe.com/parentsite/

Kindergarten Directories by Borough:




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  • Simon

    This Goldsmith clown has an insane agenda to force “diversity” down everyone’s throat. Didn’t work in the 70s and is only serving to divide the community more by hinting that parents who want their kids to walk to their zoned school are somehow entitled whiners. FWIW this guy sent his kid to PS8 when he’s really zoned for the exhaled and wonderful PS 307 ( that’s sarcasm unless your kid is Will Ferrell and his best friend is Kevin Hart).

    What is this guy’ s deal? This is outdated and failed approach. One more white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander or Klingon is NOT going to improve a school. Better teachers and a better system will.

    Goldsmith get back in your Hot Tub Time Machine and leave our kids alone.

    Oh and love the “diversity” on your web page http://cec13.org/council-members/david-goldsmith/

    Mic drop.