Pierhouse: Still Growing on Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1

A BHB reader notes on Facebook that the Pierhouse is continuing to rise and block the view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Of course, it doesn’t block the historic view plane if you ask park officials. And heck, if you believe what we reported on in 2007, the big fun is JUST GETTING STARTED.

In any event, Brownstoner notes today that the new additions are the “condo part” of the Pierhouse.

Photo: Carrie Hamilton via Facebook

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  • Rick

    Toll Brothers would just change the name of the building to “The Venetian”, stick a couple of gondolas outside, and raise the prices.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com ClaudeScales

    I see no reason why the 2005 agreement should “fail” absent consent of the BHA and Michael Van Valkenberg Architects, in addition to BBPC, as parties to the agreement.

    I think I read that health insurance in New York State now covers gender change surgery, but didn’t realize it’s now available on-line for free. :-)

  • Boerum Bill


  • Diesel

    That sounds kind of racist, are you implying; people of color can’t afford to live here hence not be able to be bothered by the over development?
    But what do I know I’m only a white dog not a white person….

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com ClaudeScales

    Do you think that unwillingness to fund public goods, which I think is in part rooted in racism (“I don’t want my hard-earned money going to things that will benefit Those People”), and which leaves us having to turn to the private sector to fund them, is just a problem for white people? I’ve seen lots of people who aren’t white enjoying the now-blighted view from the Promenade.

  • steven guterman

    Maggie, I think you are correct, it is not clear from the documents what is in or out of the view plane. I would be so bold as to state that it is possible that 2 surveyors could come to different conclusions.

  • steven guterman

    Completely correct, comments on this site are not going to change anything. However, if enough of the community can band together we can put legal and political pressure to bear. Any one that wants to help please email savetheviewnow@gmail.com