Kobe Wants To Sweeten Up Your Life!

Who’s sweeter than poor abandoned Kobe?

We learned about this poor feline soul through the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, who’s helping the rescue-friendly Park Slope Vet Center find this guy a home.

Kobe has been living at the Park Slope Vet Center for three months, ever since his owner dropped him off to be neutered and never returned to pick him up. How sad is that?

He’s about a year old and very friendly with humans, though, as befits a cat named for a superstar, he prefers to get all the attention as a single kitty.

If you’re interested in meeting Kobe, please contact the Park Slope Vet Center at 718 369 7387.  You can check out the Center’s Facebook page for other adoptable pets.



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  • suzanne goss

    Would be interested, does this adoption process involve a home visit, references, etc?

  • Teresa

    Suzanne, I’ll check in with the Park Slope Vet Center and post the info here.

  • Teresa

    Suzanne, please contact the BBAWC or Park Slope Vet Center, both linked in the post. There is an adoption process and they can tell you the details. You can also contact me at Teresa @ brooklynbackstretch dot com. I hope it works out!