Open Thread Wednesday 12/3/14

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  • peterbrooklyn

    Dismantle the Squibb Park Bridge. Reuse the beautiful wood as needed and appropriate for structural purposes in BBP and other city parks. Don’t spend another hour or dollar trying to reopen something that never should have opened in the first place. PS 8 is crowded. No more library. The Squibb Bridge debacle looks sillier with every passing month.

  • nd

    Does anyone know when the tree lighting ceremony at Borough Hall is?

  • Heights Observer

    Another litter basket has disappeared – this one from the corner of Henry and Orange near the old Heights Cinema and people are now using the recycle baskets for garbage and dog poop or just dumping garbage on the sidewalk. As the theater is now abandoned, no one is there to clean up and the corner is really starting to look bad.

    No doubt this is part of the Sanitation Department’s policy of taking away a litter basket when it gets used for household trash. (Are you listening residents of 76 Henry Street.) What this foolish policy does is punish the whole neighborhood for the actions of a few. Try catching the guilty parties. Henry street seems to have less baskets than comparable streets and things look like they are going to get worse.

    Calls to 311 and email to the Sanitation Commissioner have proved fruitless. Help!!!

  • GHB

    Garbage cans are missing all over the North Heights. If you go to Bedford St. near the L train in Williamsburg, they have at least 4 at every intersection. Sometimes more!

  • Louis Zamperini

    Recycle the bridge into classrooms. Fill that space up with a few more condos, need more apartments instead of silly bouncy bridge!

  • Brixtony

    Several cans have gone missing near the Hillside Dog Park. My friends and I, responsible dog owners all, have been carrying poop bags for several blocks. Yesterday, hardly a great day to be out, the only cans we found were stuffed to the brim and overflowing.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    I like the bridge when it works. Hopefully when it’s fixed and the condos are completed we won’t have anymore problems.

  • ujh

    The hinged access doors of the large blue and green recycling cans on Court Street between Montague and at least Joralemon are all open, the bins have been pulled halfway onto the sidewalk and are overflowing. Where is the Sanitation Department?

  • Heightsman

    I don’t get all twisted up but WOW does that PierHouse Condo project block some views. Impressed they pulled it off. Shameful though.

  • johnny cakes

    Hiding-out, and having a doughnut somewhere.

  • Andrew Porter

    Where the heck have *you* been? Much discussion here, Curbed, Brownstoner, the Daily News, etc.

  • Andrew Porter

    DEVELOPING: 20 or so police vehicles, ranging from squad cars up to command post vehicles, massed on east side of Cadman Plaza West north of Tillary, following Staten Island Grand Jury’s decision not to indict.

  • Heightsman

    Been here for 15 years. It’s one thing to read about it and debate but it’s another to see it first hand from many angles.

  • liam

    It must be the Christmas season. On Monday 2 young men were spotted on PP ST checking apt bldg doors. They then headed up Willow St stopping to check doorways. 911 was called but the operator took so long to take the info (whats your name , where do you live What color are your boxer shorts etc) that by the time the police showed up they were long gone.

  • WOW

    Can you imagine sitting in your livingroom and someone just walks in…

  • Sad Giants fan

    Can anyone recommend someone to refinish wood flooring in the hood?

  • Heights Watch

    It’s 1 AM Dec 4 the police, (or which ever
    agency,) helicopter has beens circling low
    over the Heights for Hours. Police have been
    Stationed At the St George.

  • DIBS

    In my house in Bed Stuy, I used Jose. I got him from a friends recommendation and he was great. May take a day or two to reply if you leave a message but he is prompt, fast, cheap and does excellent work. He, and others, have been recommended many times on in the Forums section


  • Mary

    Helicopter noise and spotlights woke me up at about 1:30 a.m. I thought, is this surveillance re: the Garner protests? Then it went on for a good hour, and no one was on the streets near Cadman park. There’s been a lot of debate about military-style tactics that many police departments have embraced. It’s too much, too often, too anxiety-making for residents and too intimidating for demonstrators. Does anyone know if there are data on the effectiveness of such tactics?

  • chris

    that helicopter last night was absurd. it was flying so low. the noise was unbearable.

  • Mary

    Tonight, more of the same! What the f**k is going on?

  • MyShinyNewHandle

    CBS should complain. The chopper is disrupting their show (and commercials) as received over-the-air.

  • Heights watcher

    Never mind the noise, any aircraft
    At that low alt is a real danger. The
    Record of both public safety and
    news copiers is clear. As far as
    what aircraft can now see, they
    can now detect hundreds of things
    such as number of persons in
    buildings and identity of people
    of a street.

  • Heights Watcher

    When I bring the question of noise
    up with several city higher ups
    the response Now is that much
    of the observe and report (read
    surveillance) functions of helios will
    shortly be taken up by stationary
    blimps with very high tech equip.
    paid for largely by federal funding.

  • WOW

    Um, “Too intimidating for demonstrators”??

  • Andrew Porter

    Last night, demonstrators tried to close Brooklyn Bridge, succeeded in closing Manhattan Bridge. Hence NYPD copters. Frankly, I would have been out there, but was watching Brian Williams’s daughter in “Peter Pan”…

    Back in the 70s, demonstrated against the war, and at Pillsbury HQ in Manhattan against Burger King on Montague Street. (Am I getting old???)

  • Andrew Porter

    Annual guide to Christmas giving for owners, renters on Curbed:

  • Barbara

    Can somone recommend a haircolorist here in the Heights-Not too expensive.


  • Jane

    I like Michael at Diva salon. Reasonable.

  • MyShinyNewHandle

    Choppers again. What excuse to hover low over a quiet neighborhood at a quarter to one in the morning?