Gothamist Covers Jack the Horse’s Expansion in Brooklyn Heights

Gothamist’s Jen Carlson gives big ups to Jack the Horse and its new addition JtH Nextdoor today:

Gothamist: I don’t really want to tell you about Jack the Horse—it’s one of those special little places that you should just be so lucky enough to happen upon. But at risk of losing my bar stool, here we are.
The restaurant, which opened in 2008, sits on the quiet corner of Cranberry and Hicks Streets in Brooklyn Heights, about two blocks from a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline. Along with its main dining room (which is open daily for dinner, and on weekends brunch), also houses a short bar (with one additional tall table)—all in all the bar space is capable of holding about twelve people comfortably.

photo via Gothamist

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  • ClaudeScales

    Uh, thanks a lot, Jen Carlson. It’s been hard enough finding space at the bar as it was before your piece.

    I’m hoping JTH Nextdoor relieves some of the early evening pressure. I’ve been there, and the oysters are, as Karl would say, DEE-licious. I’ll be back.