Murder on the Nile comes to the Heights

Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Nile opens tonight at The Heights Players (26 Willow Place), with shows every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the rest of March. Tickets (adults $15, children/seniors $13) can be purchased here or by calling 718-237-2752.

THP: Murder on the Nile has an interesting history. Christie’s 1937 novel, Death on the Nile, was based on an unfinished play, Moon Over the Nile. Actor Francis X. Sullivan, who wanted to play Poirot, asked Miss Christie to develop the novel into a play for him. So on January 17, 1944, it premiered at the Dundee Repertory Theatre in London.

In her rewrite, the character of Poirot combined with two other older gentlemen to become Canon Pennyfeather; the two matriarchs became Miss ffoliot-ffoulkes; the niece and secretary became Christina Grant.

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