This “NYPD” No Parking Sign on Pierrepont Street Looks Legit, Right?

A BHB reader sent us this photo of a No Parking sign posted on Pierrepont Street and Columbia Heights. He comments:

Does the nypd really post signs like this?

We’ve reached out to the 84th Precinct about the sign and we are awaiting a response. A BHB source familiar with NYPD procedure does not think the sign is official.


Update: We received this dispatch from the 84th on Thursday:

To our knowledge that is not an official sign from the NYPD. The streets in the Brooklyn Heights area were and are being repaved and I am assuming that was a sign from either DOT or a subcontractor acting on their behalf. We will try and look into it but be aware that DOT is allowed to relocate vehicles on the streets permitted to repair.

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    I parked my car on Pierrepont last week and when I went to retrieve it this morning it was gone! It had been towed and left over on Henry St one hour parking with a notice to not ticket the car (that notice was ignored, 3 tickets were left). There were no construction notices posted AT ALL when I parked the car. It made for a very interesting morning. Thank goodness for keyless entry.