Ducks Deluxe in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park has become a favorite spring to summer resting place and breeding ground for ducks. Back in March, I spotted this mallard drake on the uplands of Pier 1. More photos and text follow the jump.

In June I saw this mother duck and three ducklings paddling between Pier 2 and Pier 1.

A mother and four mostly grown youngsters catching some sleep on rocks above the Spiral Pool near Pier 2, about a week ago.

Preening in the water along the landward side of Pier 1.

Bottoms up!

Resting on a stump, landward side of Pier 1.

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  • ujh

    Claude, thanks for the duck photos. Almost every morning, I see two terns sitting on the south-side railing of Pier 2 peering intently into the water, probably looking for edibles.

  • ClaudeScales

    I saw this one on Pier 5 a few days ago.

  • lauren

    Great photos, Claude!

  • ClaudeScales

    Thanks, Lauren. I posted twice because the first time my photo didn’t show up on the post, so I tried to delete it. I’d forgotten that, because of DISQUS, any comment I try to delete lives on as a zombie “Guest” comment. My photo finally showed up on that one, too.