BBP Condos Sweetheart Deal for Pataki Pal?


The New York Post has an exclusive story today about the deal to build condos at Brooklyn Bridge Park: 

NY Post: $700M Park Flap: A development team with close ties to ex-Gov. George Pataki stands to rack up nearly $700 million in gross revenue by selling more than 400 luxury condos to be built within the state-planned Brooklyn Bridge Park, The Post has learned.

The potential gold mine has opponents fighting to keep high-rise housing out of the proposed 85-acre waterfront park in Brooklyn Heights, charging that developer Robert Levine and partners just might have pulled off the deal of the century.

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  • Tim N.

    It’s unclear from the article whether the Levine project is for new construction or for turning the existing buildings into condos.

    If there’s new construction, bye bye promenade.

  • Claude Scales

    The only sites for new construction are well south and north of the Promenade. There was, at one time, a proposal to put low-rise residential buildings below the Promenade and BQE, but that has been scrapped.

  • Teddy

    Do we really need all of these new developments in the Heights ? What about the increase in vehicular traffic ?