There’s a Plant Thief Loose In Brooklyn Heights

A mystery is developing on Henry Street between Joralemon and State Streets. A BHB reader tells us about this larceny of flora:

Just discovered we were the victims of a plant thief last night/this morning. Two large flowering hyssop dug out of our front boxes by the street. Why would anyone steal plants? Is there some sort of neighborhood crusader who might remove plants that were getting too tall? This is the craziest mystery ever…

Here’s a photo of the plants before they went missing:

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  • David on Middagh

    Flowering plants, you say? They’re going to be sold, maybe fenced to a nearby flower vendor. If they weren’t taken by scavengers/thieves in the dark of night, I’ll eat my Phalaenopsis.

  • dennis shelton

    Someone stole 3 of my plants one time . I’ll never forget it . It was a warm fall evening and I heard my dark barking off out in the trees way down by the creek. The next morning I sobered up and went down to that thar creek . And lo and behold nothin’ was left of my plants but a little hole in the ground. Wasn’t till later after I identified the tracks of the culprit and I just knew that later that nov. or maybe early dec. I’d have his head on the barn door just staring and wish he still had a little white tail aflashin’ in the bright sun. Eatin’ up folks favorite plants and such. He won’t do that no more! heh heh .

  • ClaudeScales

    Keep the aspidistra flying!