Crumbs Bake Shop Is Closing All Its Stores Including Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights

The entire Crumbs Bake Shop is done as of tonight, the Wall Street Journal reports. Workers at all its locations were told this morning that today would be their last day. This includes the chain’s Montague Street shop which opened here in 2010. The company has been financially troubled lately, its stock hitting .30 cents after once trading at $13 and facing being delisted from NASDAQ.

We interviewed founders Jason and Mia Bauer when the Brooklyn Heights debuted:

Last year, Crumbs jumped on the Cronut trend with a knock off of its own. We challenged folks to taste test them at the Montague Summer Space in September:

So, what would you like to see move into the Crumbs space at 109 Montague Street?

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  • Jorale-man

    That’s too bad. They never really found their footing here. I wouldn’t mind seeing a nice wine bar move into the space, or perhaps a branch of Stinky Cheese (from Carroll Gardens).

  • ArtofAnAngel

    Good riddance.

  • Andrew Porter

    We need another over-the-top sugar and chocolate store, with a chocolate fountain to dip marshmallows in (walked by today: it was empty). Crumbs gives me so many possibilities for bad puns that I scarcely know where to start: a crumby place; that’s the way the cupcake crumbles; etc…

  • grewuphere

    How about a new bookstore, a good bagel place now that Montague’s Hot Bagels has gone downhill (their bagel and general food quality is apparently inverse to the shininess of the interior), or really anything that isn’t a nail salon, overpriced wine bar, overpriced boutique pharmacy, or a ground floor condo (the things we seem to be getting swarmed with recently)

  • Banet

    Maybe we’ll get and since the space is set up with food counters and a clean interior we’ll get a butcher or fishmonger or cheese shop. As if.

  • MDread

    i am kind of glad. crumbs, like most ot the businesses that compose modern montague street, was just more of the mallification of new york city. i love seeing kiehls empty although i have used some of their products for many years. i will continue to buy them in the original pre-l’oreal store or in another neighborhood.

    unfortunately, as montague street is such a short street and the first blocks is almost all banks & there are only 3 1/2 blocks where businesses can move in, the probability of anything real moving in is slim to none. one chain is very much like another and given the rents we’re almost certainly doomed to another chain.

    yes, a real butcher or fish store would be good. not a cheese store. i don’t think we should support anything that vaguely competes with lassen and henning.

  • AEB

    It’s a non-win to argue about matters taste; to me, L & H has little excuse for being, and certainly bears no resemblance to a true (Jewish) deli. However, I agree that nothing good will come commercially to Montague, for all the reasons mentioned again and again–and again.

    I’ve begun to think of it as a mall; once one does that, one can sigh and move on, probably to Atlantic.

  • MDread

    i also call M. Street “the Montague Mall.” i understand your feelings about L&H but it certainly is better than anything that would replace it given the way the the street is going.

  • skb

    I would like MY impending shop to open there! I’m hoping to be a first time business owner and am very committed to Brooklyn Heights, my beloved neighborhood. I never even look at Montague Street…mainly for the reasons alluded to in the other comments here.

  • Lady in the Heights

    Fish monger or bakery gets my vote. Though the prices are high, Heights Prime Meats is exceptional.

  • BHFoodie

    They were baked off-site and then shipped in bulk to the stores and kept in the fridge — that is why they were always stale. Places like Magnolia remain popular because they are always fresh. I stopped going there, but I did like the storefront — lord only knows what we will get instead.

  • HeightsMom

    Please someone put a burrito joint in that space!

  • Joe A

    Bookstore? What a pleasant if anachronistic thought.

  • Joe A

    Yes, we need another nail salon to move in.

  • petercow

    high quality szechuan rest.

  • MarshaMarshaMarsha

    BH could use a good library…

  • David on Middagh

    Another Benny’s Burritos!

  • marshasrimler

    whoever said this … it is not me.. stop it

  • stuart

    an actual bakery that sells breads and cakes and cookies would be nice, and I believe, extremely successful.

  • ujh

    To begin with, the owner of the building has to be convinced to slash his/her rent demands. Good luck with that!

  • David on Middagh

    Ironically, the space used to contain Heights Books. They moved when the building was sold and a rent increase therefore immanent.

  • Diesel

    Next Chocolateworks.

  • grewuphere

    We had 2 on Montague in recent memory, the used bookstore and also the old walden books that used to be where the pharmacy is now. Be nice to have one that’s closer to the north heights than B&N down on court

  • Joe A

    It would be nice but if you haven’t noticed bookstores are going the way of record stores, especially mom and pop type bookstores.

  • johnny cakes

    Does Crusty the Clown even read books?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Le Pain sells bread and L&H sells a large assortment of cookies and cakes freshly cooked on the premises. Now a French bakery like Almondine may be an improvement. Love their baguettes.