Karl Takes a Walk in the Park With His Cam

Mr. J. went for a walk with his cam along some of the same trails I’ve followed on Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, many times, and got some first rate video. Note how the sound changes from the park entrance to the less traveled paths.

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  • Panina

    That video was wonderful! I am forwarding to family who know about the BBP, but are unable to visit at this time….music is beautiful, also! Thank you soooo much!!!!

  • Mary

    Dear Karl –

    Thanks for the contrasting experiences. Yes, there are lovely spots on off-days.

    I’m shocked by what’s happened to the Fulton Ferry landing. This was once a magical place that’s become a commercial zoo. Most upsetting, to me, is the vandalism on the lovely Walt Whitman poem railing. Perhaps this bad behavior is due to the new, misplaced, loud, exhaust-ridden ferry dock, since there was no sign of trashing last fall.

    I notified the “public/private” oversight agency at brooklynbridgepark.org in March. No response to date.

    At the very least, signs should be put up notifying visitors that vandalism is illegal and specify the fine and/or arrest consequences. Then there must be enforcement.

    I see the whole entrance area as $Brooklyn-Bridge-Land$; touristy, smelly, and very noisy. No care seems to be taken to monitor and redress the negative for-profit impacts. Sadly, a poor beginning.

  • ellymay878

    Thank you for the beautiful video! Yes, the park is lovely early morning but in the afternoon it’s like a parade of people walking around who need to beware of bikes rolling into them…not peaceful:(
    Still I am grateful to have such a park:)

  • DIBS

    Unfortunately it’s the ones on the bikes who need to beware but most of them don’t seem to understand that

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    I find the bike paths in BBP confusing for riders and walkers. Both get confused on which side to go on. The signs are to minimalist so it’s hard for both to know where to go.

  • francesco

    thanks for stopping by today, sorry i was little busy…i’m glad i had the chance to tell you that i loved this video…. i watched it this morning sipping my coffee and 1) it made me smile 2) it made me proud and happy for living and working in this wonderful neighborhood 3) it got me to the right mood to face the 14 hours shift that i had in front of me.
    I’m very grateful to you for this.

  • Rick

    One big problem is that the wall of photos put up every year (and which is about to go up again, I believe) is on the bike lane side of the path. So huge numbers of pedestrians walk into the bike lane to look at it. Making what can be a chaotic situation even worse. Really poor planning here!

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    True, but that is a temporary issue at the moment. Once the construction is completed, those photos won’t be there. There needs to be better signage as to where bikes/walkers go.

  • Rick

    Completely agree with you about the poor signage and the need to improve it.

    I was just adding another related problem that I’ve observed causing many near-collisions between bike riders and pedestrians.

  • miriamcb

    I’ve let BBP know multiple times about the signage since my daughter and I walk in the park almost every day. We’ve heard bikers yell at pedestrians and the other way around – and usually fairly snarky.

    I’ve actually gotten responses from BBP about it, but they don’t seem to feel like they need to do anything about it.