Chocolate Works Opens on Montague; Karl is There With Cam

The Chocolate Works store on Montague had its grand opening today, and our man with cam, Karl Junkersfeld, was there.

Was Charlie any more delighted to get into the Chocolate Factory? Video after the jump.

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  • miriamcb

    I stopped in there with my daughter this morning. The staff were all friendly and the chocolatier was very helpful. We are stopping back this afternoon after he promised he’d be finished making peanut butter truffles. It seems like a good mix of products for locals and tourists, alike.

  • Andrew Porter

    There is a candy store with bulk candies in DUMBO, and “Sugar Shack” on Baltic Street. Then there’s the new place in the Municipal Building, on Court Street. I notice the bulk price of candy here is $13 a pound, though they do have all that hand-made chocolate. This is a place I intend to stay out of—I’m happy having kept off 70 pounds I lost in 2000. Though if they ever bring back the hottie in the corset that they had on opening day, I might go there to ogle her…