Dave Navarro Has Dinner at Sociale in Brooklyn Heights as Folks Remain Relatively Cool

Sitting with Mrs. Fink and preschooler Fink at Sociale on Henry Street last night (5/23), I remarked, “Look at that guy over there, thinks he’s Dave Navarro.”

Immediately realizing the last time I made a comment like that it was during my time at MTV about a guy “who was trying to look like Bono” and it turned out to actually to be Bono paying us a visit.

A few folks recognized the Jane’s Addiction guitarist / Ink Master host/ rock legend, one or two people engaged him as he paused for a smoke break on Henry Street. One admirer asked a question and he answered “June 7″, which is his birthday. Maybe she’s buying him a present? During our time there, everyone remained calm and Navarro totally blended in. Okay, it’s Brooklyn Heights and he blended as much as he could.

As far as we know, he didn’t discuss the A-Rod story with anyone. However, we will totally make up the fact that he’s maybe looking to move here now that he’s selling his L.A. loft.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Yesterday, I was compelled to go inside Sociale and congratulate Fancesco on a job well done. This wonderful restaurant has been a great addition to Henry Street and is packed both inside and out for both lunch and dinner. The outdoor tables are great and I love the vibe. He may be the true star attraction.

  • francesco

    Thanks a lot Karl. As i told you yesterday i really appreciate and need your support. It’s very rewarding to live and operate in a neighborhood that is still able to recognize the values of humbleness and hard work.
    That’s really what Sociale is about.
    PS: my mom still cries every time she’s in front of the video you shot on our first day of business (that means a lot to me and to all of us at Sociale).

  • mac

    definitely have to second your appreciation of Sociale! Being a long time N. Heights resident, we were more than thrilled when we tried the restaurant on it’s first week open, and have been back at least every week since…raving about it to our friends, and taking friends who come visit …here’s to hoping it remains a fixture in the neighborhood for years to come!

  • Peter Loibl

    Francesco, congrats on your well-deserved success! My wife and I ate at Sociale recently and the cuisine and experience was exceptional. Bravo!

  • francesco

    Thank so much Peter, looking forward to having you and your wife back.

  • francesco

    …that’s the plan ;)
    i and my staff are going to do everything we can to keep deserving this wonderful appreciation, regular guests like you represent the solid foundation on top of which our business is blooming.

  • Columbia Hts

    Great place Francesco. But you gotta make sure your staff answers the phone professionally. I was a regular till I had the rudest reply to my phone call asking for a vegetarian special option. “Please don’t call to check this we are very busy and don’t have the time to answer that, if you want to come it’s okay but I don’t have time”.

    Wish you the best but keep that nasty attitude off the phone and your business if possible.

  • francesco

    I’m sorry you received that kind of treatment.
    as a passionate restaurateur i strongly believe that the customer is always right and we have to strive for perfection since nothing less than prefection makes people really happy, fulfilled and satisfied or let them notice any difference with the average spot experience.

    That rude guy at the phone might have been myself though.
    i surely didn’t use those exact words.
    i usually invite all the people that call without knowing who they called or what to order to check the menu online and eventually call back.

    we are challenged in accommodating almost two thousand guests weekly with 50 chairs (considering outside). it happens that if you call for a delivery at 7/7.30/8pm especially on weekend nights or brunch… i’ll pick up the phone (i try my best to take every single phone call) and i’ll be in font of this scenario: 5 couples waiting for a table; bartender asking for the drinks he just made to be picked up; people getting in to be greeted; bottle to be opened at table 15 because they are lovely regulars and it’s an important brunello; bus boys to be directed for cleaning a resetting up tables… and other hundreds of things probably happening in that precise moment you called.

    During those moments i’m very pressed for time.
    my job is very eventful and it’s important to decide what gets priority as fast as i can.

    sometimes deliveries get the worst seat in my brain small theater.
    there’s nothing i can do to fix it, i tried.

    i’m enough experienced to say it’s the nature of restaurant business that has its laws… it’s common of all busy establishments… peak hours: you’ll wait ages for your food or if you’ll keep people on the phone for too long they’ll get annoyed.
    during those moments i do have the time to spend a couple of minutes in a phone conversation.
    i’m always very nice and professional, i’ll take the order you already have clear in your mind, i’ll accept all sorts of substitutions ‘no anchovies’ ‘yes anchovies’ ‘no olives’ ‘yes black olives’, ‘i’m allergic to olive oil’, ‘what color is the soup’, ‘green’…’what kind of green’…

    on your specific inquiry just checking the menu online would have made you aware of the huge range of vegetarian/vegan options we offer, plus gluten free pastas and so on…

    substitutions or special requests are a real aggravation for restaurants (for both front and back of the house).
    it affects any category of restaurant disregarding how much is the bill at the end.

    i’d love to have time to make every single guest or delivery customer happy.

    many people treat us with lots disrespect on a regular basis dear columbia, our job is very rough and a little comprehension is always appreciated and make restaurant hard working staffs very happy… just receiving kindness instead of orders it’s a big achievement for us.

    Be sure I’ll try my best to keep that nasty attitude off the phone accepting that there will be occasions where my best won’t be enough.

    I hope you’ll call again or visit us soon.

  • elemengee

    I’ve eaten at Sociale twice. The food is very good as well as the service, but the noise is annoying. Even now, with the warm weather and its store front open, you can hear the noise of chattering voices a half block away as you approach the restaurant. We now bypass Sociale and walk down the street to Bevacco, which is quieter, the food is excellent, and the service is very good.

  • francesco

    Thanks for you contribution.

    I agree, the level of eco (especially during the cold season with all windows closed) is disturbing. I’m working with my business partner and a professional soundproof company to find a solution that will make us -and above all our guests- happy by the end of summer.

    Bevacco is a wonderful restaurant, i personally know Peter the owner and i think he is a lovely man. He helped us with precious advices when we first opened and every time we are out of something we go there and the staff is always genuinely nice and ready to help.
    I’m sure you enjoyed and will enjoy in the future many beautiful dining experiences in there, and i’m very glad to hear that you are supporting this business.

    Sorry we weren’t able to satisfy you enough to keep coming back and thank you very much for the compliments regarding our food and service.

  • BrooklynBugle

    And with that ridiculous off topic comment, we close this thread. #earmuffs

  • francesco


  • MonroeOrange

    wow…so you close the thread due to the above comment, even though, she referenced the actually restaurant in the article..but you don’t block Marsha after every off topic library thread she has.

    Which by the way isn’t closed.