Freaky Looking Helicopter Drone Camera Thingy Will Survey Governor’s Island

Notify NYC let us know that a low flying drone will buzzing around near Brooklyn Heights today and tomorrow (5/14), so don’t freak out:

An aerial survey will be conducted (weather permitting) over Governors Island beginning TOMORROW (Tuesday, May 13th) from 12p – 5p and on Wednesday, May 14th from 9a – 12p. The survey will consist of one (1) unmanned rotary-wing quad copter known as a “shrike” (see attached photo) in support of a Major Accident Response Exercise (MARE) hosted by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY). The unmanned shrike will operate at or below an altitude of 400 feet and will remain over Governors Island for the duration of the survey. Please see attached photo of the aircraft.

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