Karl’s Video History of Brooklyn Ferry

We’re approaching the 200th anniversary of the beginning of steam powered ferry service between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Karl Junkersfeld has made a video (see it after the jump) marking the occasion, and giving the history of ferry service, and of the Brooklyn neighborhood (now the Fulton Ferry Historic District and, to its north, DUMBO) that grew around the ferry landing beginning in the 1600s with oar and sail powered ferries, through the steam era, and up to today’s diesel powered vessels that stop at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Still image: The Gutenberg Project.

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  • mlcraryville

    Karl has done it again. This is a really rich source of fresh images and excellent, information-packed narration that will help people come to grasp our Brooklyn historical heritage.

    Thank you Karl and the BHS, I assume, for making the images accessible.

  • petercow

    Nice job!

  • petercow

    “These, and all else, were to me the same as they are to you.”